We are committed to restore and made to revive. Power, humbleness and grace is our statement. We are the intervention effect you have been looking for. We are rising defined as a cultural and coming nation and organized as a social movement. If you are willing to follow, to fight and to serve you are part of us.


We are gathered to empower each other. We organise committees, talks, shows, meetups and parties to stress the identity and value that each member of the movement as for the whole. These events are remarkably centred on self-development and are structured to call individuals to act. Events can be found on the Calendar section where you can apply for an invitation. “Transform the World after Transforming Yourself” and “Freedom is true if your outcome is Progression” are part of our key concepts.


To change the world, we need to take a step forward and stand for what we believe. Do not be conformed with the world. We need to destroy the idea that everything that is socially acceptable is also right or good. We need to stop bending to values or morals because of what the masses say or think. We need to stop complying society's mistakes just to try to fit in. We need to start standing for what is right, pure, noble, authentic and genuine. Strike's mission is to ensure that. If you feel you have what it takes to be part of Strike, you are made to stand out not to fit in.


We play, sing and shout to move. Shout is what we create, produce and perform. This represents a journey from where we are to where we want to be. We want to change the world. Our songs are transported that expresses that. These include experiences and lessons of stepping into the leadership journey of getting this world and ourselves from A to B.